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wind turbines desctription & Details


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Wind Turbines For Home
If you’re looking for an alternative source of energy to power your home, the answer may lie in something that you cannot see: the wind. Many homeowners across America are turning to wind power as a source of back-up, clean energy.
If your home is suitable, a Wind turbine magnetswind turbine generator can provide cheap, efficient power on its own. They are also an efficient off-the-grid power supply when used in tandem with a solar panel system, too.

wind turbines desctription & Details

Wind turbine Talon 5

If you’re considering a wind turbine system, you’ll know there’s a lot to think about and understand. To help, you can find everything you need to know about residential wind turbines on this very website.
We take a look at how much wind turbines cost, how effective they are, what equipment you actually need, installation costs and all things wind turbines. We also investigate the latest dual wind turbine and solar panel systems, and how these may be more suitable for some homeowners.
Let’s start with some basics:

How Does a Wind Turbine Work?

In simple layman’s terms, a wind turbine generator converts wind into electricity. It works just the opposite of a fan – instead of using electricity to create wind, a turbine uses wind to create electricity Most everyone is familiar with the windmill style of turbine that has blades which turn as the wind blows over them. This is also referred to as a “Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine”.  The best blades use neodymium magnets. When the rotational movement generated by the blades of a wind turbine enters the generator through a shaft, it’s converted into electricity which can then be used to power anything in a home.

Why Use a Wind Turbine?

Wind power is a clean and renewable source of energy. It also produces zero gases, pollutants or any other environmentally harmful by-product. Wind produces the wanted electricity without producing the unwanted side effectsMost everyone is familiar with the windmill style of turbine that has blades which turn as the wind blows over them. This is also referred to as a “Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine”.  The best blades use neodymium magnets.
How Much Energy Does a Wind Turbine Produce wind turbines home ?
One wind turbine generator does not produce very much electricity, it takes several (called a farm) to produce enough electricity to power a typical house. However, one large wind turbine generator, approximately 18 feet in diameter, does have the capacity to produce 5 kilowatts of electricity.
The average home in the United States uses 8,000 kilowatts of electricity per year. A 5 kilowatt turbine with a 18 foot rotor diameter is able to produce wind turbines home

wind turbines home How Does a Wind Turbine Work?

How Does a Wind Turbine Work?

that amount of electricity and meet all the power needs for an average home.
The height of the wind turbine, average wind speed and the amount of energy used by the home would also be determining factors of what size and output the generator would have to be in order to meet the electrical need Most everyone is familiar with the windmill style of turbine that has blades which turn as the wind blows over them. This is also referred to as a “Horizontal  Wind Turbine”.  The best blades use neodymium magnets.
Rated Capacity Most everyone is familiar with the windmill style of turbine that has blades which turn as the wind blows over them. This is also referred to as a “Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine”.  The best http://%3Ca%20href%3D%22http// use neodymium magnets
Each wind turbine generator will have a rated capacity for electric output it’s able to produce under ideal circumstances. The actual amount of kilowatts that a turbine will produce is based on wind speed and the turbine wind turbines home .


wind turbines home

How Tall Are Wind Turbines?

The size of the generator and the turbine are usually not related. As mentioned before, the generator needed for a typical household and family would be 18 feet in diameter, but it would take a turbine at least 30 feet tall to provide the wind power for that generator.
If there are nearby trees or structures, the turbine would need to be even taller wind turbines home . In some areas where wind speed is not the best, turbines may tower in the air as high as 140 feet.

How Much Does a Wind Turbine Cost?

As with all things, cost varies. A wind turbine generator installed in an average home would cost around $30,000. However, that cost could drop down to $10,000 or soar up to $70,000 depending on the height needed for the turbine or number of turbines needed, size of generator and cost of installation.
Small wind turbines that generate 1 kilowatt of power can be installed as a DIY project cost under $1,000. But when small just won’t do and you need 100 kilowatts of power, expect to pay close $350,000 for all the needed parts and installation.
Tax Credits for Wind Turbines
Certain states and the United States Government are offering tax credits and rebates to help defray the purchase and installation costs. Check with your local and state government agencies to find out what cost-cutting incentive might be available to you.
What if There’s No Wind?
As the turbine blades are moved by the wind and the rotation of those blades is converted into electricity by the generator, what happens if the wind doesn’t blow? The electrical power which was converted from the wind on previous days is stored in batteries for on-demand use and you will never know the wind is not blowing. Naturally, windier areas such as hills and coastal areas will provide the best results wind turbines home .
Battery Storage
Most wind turbines will store unused power in batteries owned by the homeowner as part of the wind turbine system. This type of system provides for total off-grid living, but there is another on-grid alternative for wind power uses to meet home electrical needs.
This alternative type harnesses the energy of wind via a wind farm, stores the power in company-owned batteries and sells the electricity to homes hooked up to the on-grid system. This latter type doesn’t cost the homeowner any up-front purchase and installation fees, but there will be a monthly bill.
You can expect a wind turbine generator to last at least 20 years under normal weather conditions. The installation cost should include yearly inspections and normal repairs and maintenance conducted by the installer. Many turbines can be monitored from a home computer to ensure everything is in proper working order on a daily basis.

Types of Wind Turbines

Most everyone is familiar with the windmill style of turbine that has blades which turn as the wind blows over them. This is also referred to as a “Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine”.  The best blades use neodymium magnets
The second style looks more like an egg beater with a vertical axis instead of blades. Hence the name, “Vertical Axis Wnd Turbine”.
Both styles work equally well, it’s just a matter of which one you find more aesthetically pleasing. There are varying degrees of sizes and power outputs. Off-grid residential turbines usually start at the 400w / 600w output level.
Solar Wind Power Systems & wind turbines home
Small wind turbines also make good backup energy sources for solar panels for those times when the sun doesn’t shine for several days in a row.
Both alternative power sources compliment each other well. The latest hybrid systems (solar wind power systems) provide a consistent source of electric energy for those who want to live a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle.
Will I Need A Site Inspection?
Zoning codes and site requirements vary from state to state and a local installer or dealer will be able to do a site inspection of your property to determine the feasibility of installing a wind turbine generator.
Urban areas typically have too many structures to make good use of wind power and some rural area have poor wind quality, then there are zoning restrictions to deal with so site inspection is recommended. If you decide to go with wind power, the installer you select will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits.
A quick call to your local weather station and/or airport to discover what the average wind speed in your area is will also help determine if a wind turbine is a good choice for an alternative power source for your home.
Alternatively, you can investigate it yourself with the help of a wind speed gauge wind turbines home . These handle digital gadgets are currently available for under $30.

Seek More Information

Gather all the information you can before investing in a wind turbine generator system for your home. Ask anyone in your area that already has one for their advice and input and compare turbine sizes and models. A good source of information is the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

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